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- Keep Your Animals Happy, Take Photos and Unlock Extra PC Content With Zoo Tycoon(tm) 2 Mobile -

London -December 16, 2004 - IN-FUSIO today announces the launch of the mobile version of the Microsoft blockbuster Zoo TycoonTM 2 - one of the most famous simulation games ever made. Zoo Tycoon 2 Mobile is available to download immediately from O2's website,, to a range of handsets.

Like its PC namesake Zoo TycoonTM 2 Mobile lets players take charge of their very own zoo, giving them the chance to manage exhibits and ensure their animals' happiness. In return for keeping their animals happy and managing the zoo well players earn money.

Only those with the skill to react to their animals' needs, satisfy their desire to play, and create enough happiness for them to have babies will become true Zoo Tycoons. For example, if you change an animal's habitat by introducing a new tree, it may react by showing a "sad face" icon, which means that it doesn't like it. The more you listen and respond to your animals, the more you'll earn. So that players can get used to Zoo

TycoonTM 2 Mobile's icons there's a tutorial exhibit located in the first zoo.

Zoo TycoonTM 2 Mobile also has an inbuilt secondary game mode, Zoo Tycoon Mobile Photo, which challenges players to take pictures of specific animals in their zoo and store them in their very own photo album. By completing all the Zoo Tycoon Mobile Photo objectives players are given an access code to the game's website, which allows players to download bonus content for Zoo

TycoonTM 2 PC.

IN-FUSIO Product Manager Sylvain Lepainteur said: "Zoo TycoonTM 2 is one of the world's most famous simulation games, so we're delighted to bring it to the mobile. It's our latest release in conjunction with Microsoft and follows the successful launch of the famous Midtown Madness® 3 title.

We've also got other big name Microsoft licences planned for the New Year."

Zoo TycoonTM 2 Mobile is available on the following handsets at O2 Motorola V600 Nokia Series 60 Nokia 6230 Sagem MyX7 Samsung E700 Samsung E800 Samsung X460 Siemens C65 Siemens CX65 Sony Ericsson t610 Sony Ericsson t630 Sony Ericsson Z600 Sony Ericsson K700 Sony Ericsson Z1010


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