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IN-FUSIO launches EGE mobile gaming platform

Orange launching first handsets equipped with Entertainment and Gaming Extensions

IN-FUSIO's next generation mobile gaming platform will be launched by Orange in France and the UK, as the first series of dedicated handsets embedded with the company's proprietary EGE technology hit market.

The platform is designed to ease communication between players with the integration of a user-friendly interface and 'buddy list', as well as providing one-button access to a dedicated game menu which features a unique 'try before you buy' function.

IN-FUSIO CEO Gilles Raymond stated: "The main issue in mobile gaming today is the quality of the user interface and hence, the loyalty to the service it encourages. EGE will be the most user-friendly solution for end-users available today. It will have no equivalent as a community maker tool for carriers."

"As was the case with our first mobile gaming engine four years ago, EGE will be the most profitable solution in terms of average revenue per gaming user. Deployed as a white label solution, it takes away the pain and expense of managing a game centre and allows operators to focus on marketing to their customers," he added.

EGE, which works on Java MIDP2.0 handsets to integrate multiplayer, connected and 3D gaming possibilities, includes a recommendation feature so users can share gaming experiences with friends and family, effectively introducing a voluntary viral marketing system without the user feeling any intrusion from the company.

Although the full functionality will not be available on initial handsets, IN-FUSIO's new platform will enable real-time multiplayer gaming and enhanced 3D gaming as more publishers, carriers and handset manufacturers adopt the system.

Initially, seven handsets manufacturers have begun embedding the EGE technology in new handsets. These include LG, Sagem and Philips. However, IN-FUSIO is confident that the platform will be widely adopted in a very short space of time.

"Thanks to the massive sales success of Java handsets worldwide and to EGE's unique user features, we will perform even better than we did with IN-FUSIO's first game solution, ExEn, launched in 2001. It is expected to reach a penetration rate of 65 percent among users, increase the gamers average spend by up to five times, and increase users loyalty over a period of months," Raymond commented.

Of course, the technology is nothing without the games to support it, and the launch line-up includes Star Wars III, Midtown Madness 3, Zoo Tycoon 2, Football fans 2005 and at least half a dozen further titles, several of which are conversions of Microsoft properties. No mention of the recently announced HALO mobile was made.

Patrick Rouvillois, Orange Group's VP of product marketing stated: "Games are a key area of mobile entertainment and Orange is committed to providing the best gaming experience to its customers through innovative technology. IN-FUSIO's EGE provides a strong customer experience where users can download and experience new levels of games as they advance, and share the excitement with friends."

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