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Impossible announces Oskar 3

Erotic mobile game now in glorious 3D

Czech-based mobile games developer Impossible has announced the latest in its erotic mobile games series featuring pixel pin-up Oskar, which has been completely redesigned to include a more visually appealing isometric 3D graphics style.

Interaction with "most of the objects" in the game is promised, which sounds like rather intriguing offer given the nature of the game - it's the successor to Oskar and the College Girls and Oskar on the Beach.

Full details of the 'plot' have yet to be revealed, but it appears Impossible is heading further down the road towards a mobile Sims style of gameplay, promising complex AI that governs NPC characters' likes, dislikes and appropriate actions, as well as well as nine differently designed rooms to explore.

Actions to undertake with your virtual don Juan include reading, cooking, eating, flower watering, washing dishes, showering, working, chatting about various topics, watching TV and, in keeping with the theme of the series, "glorious lovemaking in at least seven positions."

Designing games with the aim of providing "long-time gaming amusement" since 2003, Impossible is a leading developer on both Java and Symbian platforms in the Czech Republic. The company currently has two subsidiaries and a operates a content aggregation and publishing service that has generated strong links with developers, publishers and distributors throughout the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, China and beyond.

Oskar 3: Oskar the Lover has yet to receive an official release date, and interested parties should contact for further information on the title.

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