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Imperium Romanum and AGON The Lost Sword of Toledo now live

New York, USA (February 22, 2008) - GamersGate announced today that Imperium Romanum and AGON The Lost Sword of Toledo are now live and available for direct download on GamersGate.

Imperium Romanum is the much-awaited sequel to best seller Glory of the Roman Empire. In the game, players will take on the role of a governor of a Roman province and strive to build a well-organised, prosperous and commanding settlement.

Features include:

- History mode with timeline, where missions are based on real events and locations

- Interactive mission mode: the players activate the goals when they choose

- Improved battle system where players commands their own armies

- Player-constructible bridges, fortifications, walls, towers and gates

- Introduction of currency, crime, historically accurate buildings, natural disasters, and siege machines

- New interface design, and improved economy and overview dialogues

The Lost Sword of Toledo is the second game and 4th episode in the AGON adventure series. It follows the quest of Prof. Samuel Hunt as he gets entangled in a complex hunt for the Lost Sword of Toledo. Help him solve the mystery as he's confronted by mysteries, family revenge, black magic, lost bets, thrilling intrigues and much more.

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