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Immersion and Radica sign licensing deal

Touch feedback technology developer Immersion Corporation has agreed a patent licensing deal with the US and UK subsidiaries of peripheral manufacturer Radica.

The deal includes "rights to advanced vibro-tactile, spinning mass gaming technologies", and will see Radica's Gamester brand touch feedback products for PS1, PS2, Xbox and GameCube bearing Immersion's Feel The Game TouchSense Technology logo.

"Immersion's vibro-tactile technology supports our strategy to manufacture innovative, high-tech, quality products for a wide range of audiences," said Radica president Ted Eischeid.

"Through Radica's subsidiaries in the US and UK, products reach broad markets in numerous countries via major retailers selling video games and video games accessories," added Dean Chang, Immersion's chief technology officer and vice president of the company's gaming division.

"With Gamester's historically strong roots in the UK and the rest of Europe, we're able to further extend the benefits of our TouchSense technology to gamers worldwide."

Immersion's deal with Radica follows an earlier announced deal with Hip Interactive. The company also recently won an injunction against Sony in a long-running case over the console manufacturer's Dual Shock rumble technology, which was ruled to infringe on Immersion's patents.

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