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Immerse Yourself in New Interactive 3D Tarr Chronicles Screens

cdv Software Entertainment USA, in co-operation with Panogames, is pleased to release new interactive 3D screenshots for Tarr Chronicles today. Utilizing QuickTime to give the viewer the experience of being dropped into the space-based ship-to-ship combat title, these screens allow viewers to pan and zoom through the game's massive and beautiful environments. The interactive screens are available for download at the links below. More information about Tarr Chronicles can be found at http://www.gamespress.com.

To download the interactive screens:

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Lost in space and deep behind enemy lines, the player must don an elite fighter pilot's uniform and defend the galaxy's last hope in Tarr Chronicles, a gripping arcade-style space combat simulation in development by Quasar Studio and Akella. At your disposal are high-tech fighters bristling with cannons and rocket launchers, yours to fly against an unstoppable alien menace - the De'Khete. Intelligent squad mates with unique personalities will assist you in frenzied white-knuckle space battles between vast fleets of fighters and massive capital ships. From fully-customizable equipment to collectible badges and fast-action combat encounters, Tarr Chronicles will keep you pinned to your seat.

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