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IMC and developer World Forge demonstrate „Sparta – Ancient Wars“ on E3 in Los Angeles

Cologne/Voronezh April 21st, 2005 - The Full-Service agency IMC is proud to demonstrate the Real Time Strategy game "Sparta - Ancient Wars" in cooperation with the Russian Developer World Forge in Los Angeles at E3 ,the world's most important trade show for computer games.

From today on, appointments for the E3 in Los Angeles can be arranged with the responsible international PR manager Ingo Horn by phone or by e-mail. Producer Torsten Hess will manage the presentation of the game which will last about 30 minutes and will demonstrate a first view on the game mechanic, the ecologic frame, the battles and of course the abilities of the "Ancient Wars engine".

The developer has veiled its name for a long time, but the superior feedback of the press and the ongoing negotiations with potential publishers now enable IMC to publish the name of the team, which is located in Russia. Actually, World Forge is working with first priority on the Real Time Strategy blockbuster "Sparta - Ancient Wars", which is developed under supervision of the German industry veteran Torsten Hess who comments the cooperation: "The discipline and quality of work from this new Russian team is really unbelievable. I did not work on any similar ambitious project since the series "Settlers" and I'm looking forward to demonstrating it at E3 in L.A. to the interested public."

Name: Sparta - Ancient Wars

Genre: Real time strategy

Platform: PC/CD-ROM (DVD-ROM)

Release: 2006

About World Forge:

World Forge is a developer team located in Voronezh/Russia. Actually it is working on the Real Time Strategy game "Sparta - Ancient Wars" and the "Ancient Wars Graphics Engine".

About IMC:

IMC InteractiveMediaConsulting GmbH is Europe's first full-service agency for entertainment, infotainment und multimedia, located in Cologne/Germany.

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