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'Imagination is the only escape'

For Immediate Release Monday 10th March 2008

Alten8 Limited a UK based game developer and publisher, wish to make a statement on the extreme media interest and misinformation on the proposed game concept 'Imagination is the only escape' , a Luc Bernard original idea.

Alten8 has options on five game concepts, created by the French Artist Luc, including 'Eternitys Child' , a game which is in production for Nintendo Wii Ware , and approved , subject to final release approval by Nintendo.

Other proposed titles, are at this stage just that, proposed concepts and titles, on which no decision has been taken by Alten8 on whether to proceed with this games in terms of development. The game 'Imagination is the only escape' is currently just concept artwork, which Luc has discussed on his blog, and was later questioned on , by various web sites and journalists.

Alten8 wishes to make clear that Luc's opinions are his own, and do not necessary reflect the opinions of Alten8. Alten8 is a multi-cultural and multi-facetted company, producing both video games and video, on a range of subjects, for many interest groups. We do support independent and free thinking, which is both legal and morally acceptable, and is also commercially viable. Alten8 would always take advice from interested parties on any concept which may be manipulated by external parties for their own agenda.

Alten8 also wishes to make it clear that no company, i.e. games company outside of Alten8 has been approached to discuss the viability, suitability or publishing and distribution of this game.

What Alten8 does support is the evolution of games, which are now an important part of peoples lives, and intertwined with many other media forms, from causal games, to learning software, to TV and film and the internet. So whilst this debate about if a particular game is not valid, as a game as such does not currently exist, it does through up some important questions of what is acceptable to people, companies, and why a blog can create such huge media interest. Alten8 hopes that it can be a leading company in this change of thinking and bring games to a far wider audience, but no decision has been made on this particular concept at this point in time.

Alten8 is happy to hear from all interested parties, in this debate.

About Alten8 Limited

Alten8 is a privately held company based in the UK , developing games and concepts , for Nintendo DS , Wii , XBOX360 , and DVD.

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