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ijji.com 's Thanksgiving plans

Special events planned for Lunia, Gunz: The Duel and Soldier Front.

There’s no need to wake up early on Black Friday for the best shopping deals all year. In celebration of turkey-related comas and red-eyed shopping sprees, ijji.com is hosting special Thanksgiving events for Lunia , an exciting action arcade MMORPG, and Gunz: The Duel , ijji’s multiplayer online third-person shooter (MOTPS) and Soldier Front , the classic multiplayer online first-person shooter (MOFPS). Not to be outdone, Genesis A.D , ijji’s new sci-fi MOFPS, received its first major content update and Alliance of Valiant Arms ( A.V.A), the Unreal Engine 3-powered MOFPS, will turn out the lights with the new Snake Eye Night Ops map.

Lunia fans can currently participate in two events for the chance to earn in-game prizes:

Thanksgiving Event : Players who log-in to Lunia for one hour between now and Friday, Dec.3, 2010 will receive special Thanksgiving insignias. Players can exchange their collected insignias for Thanksgiving Food items to regenerate Health Points. Additionally, players can use their insignias to purchase a rare Turkey Pet.

Super Thanksgiving Sales Event : From now until Tuesday, Nov. 30, all Costume Items are on sale, including limited edition costume items and various Avatar Sets for all characters.

ijji is also giving GunZ fans plenty to be thankful for with two events, including:

Thanksgiving Food Drive Event : Until Thursday, Dec. 2, players can play quest mode in GunZ with the goal of stealing as many Turkey Dinners as possible from slain enemies. Players can turn-in Turkey Dinners in exchange for premium cash items, including a Platinum Box, Golden Olympus, Clan Yohawk Set and a Cowboy or Cowgirl set.

New Items: Players can now purchase the Rebel Agent Set and dual Requiem Pistols at a discounted rate. Both items are only available in the Rare Item Shop.

Continuing with the holiday theme, ijji.com is thanking Soldier Front fans for their continued support by hosting two events during Thanksgiving weekend, including:

Thank You Sales Event: Users who purchase game items between Nov. 25 and Nov. 28 will be entitled to a 20 percent rebate.

Thank You EXP Event : Play Soldier Front from Nov. 25 through Nov. 28 to receive double Experience Points.

Just in time for the holiday, Genesis A.D, ijji’s new sci-fi MOFPS, received its first official content update, which includes a ton of new content for Genesis fans to explore during the long weekend. The first regularly scheduled update includes:

New Maps : Players will experience two new maps available for play in Deathmatch mode. Silo, the first map, is a returning favorite from Genesis A.D’s closed beta testing. It features one long hallway with multiple side entrances. Players must use caution to avoid becoming prey to sniper fire. ijji is also unlocking Deathmatch mode on Knocking Down, one of the most popular maps in the game. The map is a complex with underground passages that lead into enemy bases. Players must utilize various tunnels to gain the advantage and win the game.

Awesome Weapons : Players will have access to six new weapons, including the Serval KV-MS1for the Assault class, Indigo O-zama for the Snipers and the Fringe Z-9 for Suppliers.

Unique Equipment : Players will have access to new, class-specific equipment, including the Heavy Body Suit, Exceed Dash Suit and PL Aid Suit.

To round off the holiday extravaganza, A.V.A invites fans to play in the dark later this week with the Snake Eye Night Ops map for Annihilation mode. The map’s dark atmosphere requires players to develop new strategies and tactics to eradicate the opposition under the cover of night. Players also enjoy access to new weapons and items, including:

Saiga12: This Point Man class weapon is similar to an AK rifle with its comparable firing mechanism and body frame. Naturally, it has the reliability and durability of the AK series while providing a box type magazine for quick reloads.

M14EBR: This weapon is an old fashioned M14 assault rifle reborn with a modern touch. Players can equip various accessories to support this heavy but powerful weapon.

M116A1 Flash Bang: This non-lethal flash grenade generates a loud noise and bright burst to momentarily disable the eyesight of anyone caught in its blast zone.

For more information about the Thanksgiving events for Lunia, please visit http://lunia.ijji.com. For additional details about GunZ’s holiday events please visit http://gunz.ijji.com. Further details about the latest update to A.V.A can be found at http://ava.ijji.com. To jump into the Genesis A.D open beta, please head over to http://genesis.ijji.com. Also, take advantage of the Soldier Front events at http://sfront.ijji.com.

New screenshots from Alliance of Valiant Arms are available on GamesPress.com and can be seen here: http://gamespress.com/product.asp?c=.]%29%28%3E. Also, new Thanksgiving themed assets from Lunia can be found here: http://gamespress.com/product.asp?c=.]%29*%3E.

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