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GameSpy Technology Enhances Online Capabilities for "PSP(TM)" Online Game Titles

BRISBANE, Calif. - Sept. 8, 2005 - IGN Entertainment's GameSpy, the supplier of multiplayer technology used in more than 300 PC and "PlayStation2" game titles, has joined Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.'s (SCEI) tools and middleware license program, making its in-game technology available for "PSP" game title developers.

GameSpy technology lets game developers add sophisticated online gaming features to their "PSP" game titles just as they have with the PC and "PlayStation2" platforms

-- and with the same confidence.

GameSpy technology can significantly extend the capabilities of online game titles by taking advantage of the interconnectivity provided by WiFi hotspots. Using GameSpy's solution, game developers can give their players freedom to find and compete with each other anywhere in the world via a WiFi hotspot - home, coffee shop, office - just as conveniently as from a connected PC or console.

GameSpy's tools open a world of possibilities for "PSP" game title designers. Some of the most compelling elements of PC and console games -- such as leader boards ranking a player's accomplishments among others, awards systems that reward skills and frequent play as well as team-based competition and tournaments -- are now as easy to implement on game titles for "PSP" as on games for GameSpy-connected PCs and consoles. In addition, GameSpy's Professional Services Organization is now able to assist designers with development of online titles for "PSP" and with implementation, including server-based real-time game processing.

"New online elements in console and PC games like Battlefield 2 are increasing hours of game play and attracting more players," said Mark Stieglitz, Vice President and General Manager of IGN Entertainment's Publisher Services. "Now we are able to help add functions such as persistence and team play to the online game titles for "PSP". Plus, developers are familiar with our technology already, having used it to create more than 300 PC and "PlayStation2 games, so they should be able to adapt quickly to this new tool."

The tools use the familiar GameSpy application programming interfaces (APIs) that are already available on the PC, "PlayStation2", Xbox, Nintendo DS, Linux and Macintosh. This consistency should reduce the cost of porting games from other platforms to the "PSP" and speed development.

"Over time, GameSpy's new infrastructure may change the way portable games are played. Developers can create games that span platforms; for example, a player can use a "PlayStation2" while in the dorm and a portable system like a "PSP" at the library, with both systems contributing to the same game and the player's results. Game developers can even include combined statistics on custom web-based pages, encouraging the dynamic community that is central to many successful games,"

added Stieglitz.

Game publishers and developers interested in learning more about GameSpy SDK services should contact or visit

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