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igLoader V3.0 launched - SDK and free licenses available


Poole, Dorset UK, February 14, 2007, Independent UK-based software developer INDIEPATH released a new version and launched a no-cost license for their content delivery solution, igLoader. igLoader provides developers with an elegant way to create web games using existing code; it's a content on demand solution, a 'Pay per Play' enabler and a significant advertising platform.

Release Highlights:

Security and compatibility: The only commercially available product that sandboxes the web-application protecting the client machine from malicious code execution and file access. Compatible with Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, IE 5+, SeaMonkey, IE7 (including protected mode) and runs on Win95/98/2000/XP/Vista. Scripting : Web2.0, we've arrived! Run JavaScript functions on the web page directly from the application. Allows for complex control and truly dynamic web page content that responds to the applications instruction. For example, update a web based game high-score table in real-time as the player is scoring the points - post the scores via Ajax so the player gets live feedback on their progress. There are a number of native functions that provide a two-way communication between igLoader and the webpage. These functions have been provided to enable greater control over plugin functionality and a more seamless client experience. In-Game Ads (pre/mid/post roll): Utilize the scripting functionality to display adverts, pre/post game and between levels! Post-Production Branding: Take some software, tag the assets and have them re-branded at load-time. Any file or application asset that is exposed to igLoader can be swapped out for a branded version at load-time. For example, a game may need to have custom graphics based on the sales or distribution channel. Normally a game would be recompiled for each channel, with the branding functions you can take the existing package and re-brand images, music, sound effects and even 3d models and textures. DRM wrapper support: As a pre-cursor to our session based play API, due for release shortly, igLoader supports 3rd Party DRM wrappers. Now web games can have trial limitations that can be unlocked in the normal manner. Free licenses: Yes, igLoader can be used in personal or commercial products for free, subject to restrictions. For details on license restrictions and functionality grab a copy of the SDK.

Developers, publishers, distributors and retailers can grab a copy of the SDK today from :

igLoader - Delivering over 1 million game plays per month and growing.

About Indiepath Ltd

Indiepath Ltd is an independent software developer and publisher based in Poole, Dorset UK. The company was founded in November of 2004 with the primary goal of developing unique and original software and services.


Tim Fisher

Indiepath Ltd

5 Warburton Road


Dorset BH17 8SD, UK.

Telephone: +44 (0) 207-1934639

For evaluation copy email :

For additional material email :

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