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igLoader V2 - Self funding web games?


Poole, Dorset UK, March 10, 2006, Independent UK-based software developer INDIEPATH announced today a major update of their content delivery software, igLoader.

The company announced the release of igLoader V2, a revolution in plugin development. igLoader provides developers with an elegant way to create web games using existing code; it's a content on demand solution, a 'Pay per Play' enabler and a significant advertising platform. Traditionally, web games would only deliver revenue to the developer when the consumer purchased the 'Full version', igLoader V2 is offering developers a significant opportunity to realise the full potential of their games, today.

"We've been investigating the 'Pay per Play' and 'Ad funded' models for some time," said Tim Fisher, Managing Director at Indiepath, "igLoader is the enabler; it allows our customers to lock down games for 'on-line only' play, and to further monetise game plays by enabling the integrated Ad Module. Our research shows that a significant percentage of consumers are just not ready to spend $20 on a single game, but are willing to subscribe to 'Pay per Play' and have their sessions subsidised by advertising. Furthermore, with igLoader we can take virtually any game off the shelf, and have it on-line and delivering revenue in less than 30 minutes!"

The flexible advertising model enables advertisers and igLoader customers to work together to increase the effectiveness and relevance of campaigns. And with sponsors prepared pay premium rates per impression, igLoader games have the real potential of becoming self-funding.

The release of igLoader V2 is a pre-cursor to the impending launch of eXigo, a 'Pay per Play' solution built upon igLoader, iNet and PlayBucks technologies. eXigo will be unveiled in the summer of 2006 and promises to make the world of digital distribution a better place.

For a limited time Indiepath are offering to demonstrate developers games in a live igLoader environment, further details can be obtained by emailing . Additional information and an igLoader SDK can be downloaded from

About Indiepath Ltd
Indiepath Ltd is an independent software developer and publisher based in Poole, Dorset UK. The company was founded in November of 2004 with the primary goal of developing unique and original software and services.


Tim Fisher
Indiepath Ltd
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Telephone: +44 (0) 207-1934639

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