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igLoader - Delivering Premium Web Content.


Poole, Dorset UK - December 14, 2005 - Indiepath a UK based independent software developer has announced today the successful release of their content delivery software, igLoader.

igLoader is a cross browser plugin that allows virtually any windows based software to be delivered and operated within the browser window. igLoader is unique in its implementation and simplicity; igLoader is not based on ActiveX technology and, as such, is compatible with browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer. igLoader is secure; only licensed software will be installed and launched by the plugin.

Traditionally, browser based software has been developed using technologies such as Java or Flash. However, it is often expensive and time consuming to port an existing application; in a lot of cases the additional development is not financially viable. With igLoader, software can be made "Browser Ready" in a matter of hours, not days OR months!

No more "Click>Download>Click>Install>Click>Play" - once the plugin is installed you can deliver content by simply serving HTML pages.

Early adopters are utilising the technology for delivery of computer video games, however the software is not limited to games and does deliver complete applications. Indeed applications that embed DRM and payment solutions can utilise igLoader as the software delivery mechanism, when products are activated they can then made available to the user to launch from the desktop rather than launching within the


A free Development Edition is available to "Ready" and "Test" applications, to read more and to download the Development Edition visit

About Indiepath Ltd

Indiepath Ltd is an independent software developer and publisher based in Poole, Dorset UK with development resource located internationally. The company was founded in November of 2004 with the primary goal of developing unique and original software. Visit the website at for more information.

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