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IGG/Kalydo deal

MMORPGs Godswar Online and Dreamland Online to become playable through Facebook.

Santa Clara, CA – IGG, a leading global publisher and developer of massively multiplayer games and Kalydo, a fast growing developer of browser game platforms, today announced a partnership to launch a number of previously downloadable MMORPG games as browser games on Facebook. The first games to receive the Kalydo treatment, ‘Godswar Online’ and ‘Dreamland Online’, will be playable from any website around the world without the need for lengthy downloads and installation.  

By upgrading their client-based games to browser-based games, IGG is able to market their games more effectively and with lower overall costs. After converting ‘Godswar Online’ and ‘Dreamland Online’ into browser games, the time needed to play them was decreased from 20 minutes to an astonishing 30 seconds, making it much easier for players to get into the game quickly and without hassle. Thanks to this near-instant playability on social networks such as Facebook, IGG is ready to target this global audience of 500+ million players.

Kalydo is the first company in the rapidly growing browser game space to launch fully featured MMORPGs in browsers, making full use of Facebook’s social features. After their recently announced partnership with Emergent Game Technologies, the collaboration with IGG is their second big partnership in a very short period of time, and a sign of their focus on becoming big players in the browser market. Not content to rest on these laurels, Kalydo has a whole slate of games that will be ready for launch in early 2011. With no restrictions on the particular game engine needed for their unique process, development times are short, and new games can be quickly converted and released to keep up with demand.

The first game to enjoy the Kalydo treatment as part of their partnership with IGG, ‘Godswar Online’, is scheduled to go beta on Facebook in December. GodsWar Online enjoys a special place in this partnership as the first game produced by IGG's in house production team and the first 3D MMORPG to be based on the mythology and culture of Ancient Greece.  

For more information about GodsWar Online and how it was transformed for the browser market visit www.kalydo.com and www.igg.com

About IGG

Established in 2005, IGG was founded with the aim of becoming a leading massively multiplayer game publisher and developer. With over 20 million users, 17 games in various stages of release and a plan to release a further 11 games in 2010-11, IGG has established itself as one of the leading companies in the field of digital entertainment today.

After receiving early critical acclaim for client-based games such as ‘Tales of Pirates’ and ‘Wonderland Online’, IGG has now become a household name for users who demand quality content, as well as quality service. Continuously improving, IGG has already taken several steps into the browser based and SNS games market and plans to continue to develop its market presence in these rapidly emerging fields. Further plans to expand in these areas throughout 2010 and into 2011 are already underway.

For more information, please visit www.igg.com

About Kalydo

Developed by Eximion, Kalydo is a leading browser gaming middleware solution which enables the embedding of games, based on any game technology, directly into browsers and social networks. Kalydo’s innovative and scalable way of deploying games breaks down traditional barriers, such as the need to download and install software. The Kalydo process also decreases distribution costs significantly while simultaneously increasing visitor-to-player conversion and revenue. Games can be offered in a “click & play” fashion, bringing consumers a high quality gaming experience from anywhere in the world.

Unlike video streaming solutions, Kalydo runs games locally within the browser, freeing games from such traditional issues as input latency, bandwidth requirements and high server costs. The scalable service is perfectly suited for games with large volumes of concurrent users such as MMORPG’s and  FPS style games.

Based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Kalydo launched their public beta in 2007 before going commercially live in 2009.  For more information, please visit www.kalydo.com


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