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A guide to the Medusa's Island instance.

Medusa’s Island was one of the earliest instanced zones in GodsWar Online. Since then it has become a classic, and while it’s not too difficult to make it all the way through, the GodsWar team would like introduce you some tips that can help you complete the entire instance within 10 minutes. As with any challenge, teamwork will play a vital role, making this instance ideal for honing your ability to work well in a team.

The Challenge of Medusa’s Island

Medusa’s Island is actually made up of 3 isles, each of which has 2 BOSSes. The final BOSSes, Medusa and Stheno, are located on the third isle. To get credit for fully exploring the instance, the group must defeat all of the BOSSes and earn 3,000+ points.

Recommended Party Composition

Each Medusa’s Island party can include a maximum of 5 players, and must have at least 1 Mage, 1 Priest and 1 Champion. These requirements give you a solid foundation when assembling your team, because Mages are good at both dealing damage and protecting themselves, Priests excel at healing allies, and Champions specialize in dealing physical damage. Since Stheno is immune to physical attacks and Medusa is immune to magic attacks, Mages are good at battling Stheno and Champions are good at battling Medusa. When filling out the remaining 2 slots, good damage dealers are recommended.

Battle Tips

There are three paths leading through the first isle. Divide the party into 2 groups. One group should follow the path to the left while the other takes the middle one. When both groups arrive at the top, proceed together toward the BOSS Euryale in the top left corner of the isle. When you’ve finished her off, divide the party into 2 groups again. This time, put 1 Priest, 1 Mage and 1 Champion in a group and have them push through to the second isle. Send the other 2 members to fight Chrysaor, the other BOSS on the first isle.

The Dark Gorgon Priest, one of the BOSSes on the second isle, can heal and also has good defenses. To defeat the Dark Gorgon Priest, you will want to use the unnamed monsters on the third isle to your advantage. There are 2 kinds of unnamed monsters on the third isle. One type will increase the attack power of whoever they attack by 1000%, while the other will increase spell power by 1000%. The Priest should pull the 2 BOSSes on the second isle to the border between the second and third isles. Meanwhile, the Champion should go to the third isle and pull Stheno and the unnamed monsters that increase attack power to the left part of the isle, and then begin to attack Stheno. Next, the Mage should go to the third isle and use the other unnamed monsters to get the spell power buff. Once buffed, the Mage should return to the 2 BOSSes from the second isle as soon as possible and finish them off.

When you’re ready for the final two BOSSes, a Champion should focus on attacking Stheno and a Mage should focus on Medusa. A Priest should devote his or her efforts to healing them both. While this is going on, the other 2 members should clear out the remaining monsters EXCEPT for those on the third isle. Be careful not to use area of effect attacks until after Stheno and Medusa are defeated, because area of effect damage will kill the unnamed monsters and wipe out the buffs you are relying on to overcome the BOSSes. The Champion and the Mage should pay close attention to their health and be ready to use HP potions when necessary.

Next time you’re ready to take on the challenge of Medusa’s Island, try these simple tactics and you’ll see that completing the entire instance within 10 minutes really isn’t as hard as it sounds. With a little bit of organization and planning, even difficult tasks yield to superior teamwork. Log in today and find out if your team has what it takes to score a 10-minute victory!

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