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A look at the Totem Skirmish PvP mode.

With the introduction of the Holy Battlefield and Angel Arena PVP systems, players in Angels Online now have more options than ever for facing their fellow angels in combat. While these are indeed welcome additions to the game, the now-classic Totem Skirmish and Totem War system is still a great way for players to get involved in some PVP action.

To take part in the Totem Skirmish, players must talk to a Totem Skirmish NPC. There is one located in each main city for the four factions. Talking to the NPC will send a player to a special Totem Skirmish PVP map. Once there, players are divided into groups. There are two different level ranges for the maps, Level 21 to Level 40 and Level 41 to Level 60, to ensure fairness. Players must fight each other to protect their faction totem or destroy an opposing faction’s totem.

In totem combat, the Warrior class plays one of the most important roles. Warriors can hold off attackers with their high HP, buying valuable time for their Mage class companions to use high-DPS spells to defeat an enemy or take out a totem. It is important for each player to understand his or her role. First-time participants can learn from the more experienced players and sharpen their coordination skills.

The Totem Skirmish helps players learn the importance of teamwork and teaches them the basics of the Angels Online PVP system. As with any group PVP system, the thrill of working together to defeat an opponent is an awesome experience. If your guild scores among the leaders for the week, you will earn the chance to defend your own faction totem during the Totem War, which offers rewards that can help improve your guild. Join the vibrant Angels Online community now and experience the excitement of angel vs. angel combat!

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