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IGF Game of the Year winner Gish now available from Reflexive

Lake Forest, CA - September 21, 2006 - Reflexive Entertainment is proud to announce a distribution deal with Chronic Logic making Gish, the 2005 Independent Games Festival (IGF) Game of the Year award winner available to gamers worldwide through Reflexive Arcade.

The story of a ball of tar who takes on the underworld to save his girlfriend, Gish features innovative game play that quickly made it a favorite of both gamers and game critics. The distinctive abilities of Gish allow him to go places no other hero has ever gone before: climbing walls, racing across the ceiling and oozing through small holes in the floor. Gish features physics-based game play that pushes the boundaries of what a game character can do, providing players a one-of-a-kind challenge that is as mesmerizing to watch as it is to play.

Reflexive Arcade provides one of the largest selections of video games available for sale over the Internet to an ever-growing audience that already numbers in the millions. With Gish joining previous IGF Game of the Year Award winners Oasis and Wik & the Fable of Souls, Reflexive Arcade now has 3 IGF award winners available, a number that is unmatched anywhere in the industry.

Reflexive Arcade is also happy to be distributing 12 other recent IGF finalists including 2 Game of the Year finalists from this year's IGF. "Through their innovative approach to game design, Independent Games provide a game experience that is not only original, but also a lot of fun," said Russell Carroll, director of marketing at Reflexive. "We're proud to be a part of making these games available to the world."

There are many other notable independent games available through Reflexive Arcade in addition to the 15 IGF finalists currently available on the website. Some of the games available, such as Outpost Kaloki, Mutant Storm and Wik: Fable of Souls, have made their way to the Xbox 360's Live Arcade after their initial release on the PC. While a small number of independent games eventually find their way to consoles, the PC platform is still the best place to find innovative new titles, and Reflexive Arcade is dedicated to continuing to make interesting, original and award-winning Independent Games available to a larger audience.

About Chronic Logic

Located in Santa Cruz, California, Chronic Logic LLC was founded in 2001 and incorporated in 2003. Its premise is that a small development team can make games that are original, dynamic and fun. Chronic Logic has continued to make fun and original games such as Bridge Construction Set, Gish, Triptych, and Word Peace. For more information, visit

About Reflexive Entertainment:

Founded in 1997, with one goal in mind - to make great games, Reflexive Entertainment ( is known for its top-selling Ricochet and Big Kahuna casual game franchises (with over 30 million total downloads) and its Xbox 360 downloadable game of the year Wik: Fable of Souls. In addition to developing games, Reflexive has created one of the largest casual game distribution networks in existence with more than 500 affiliates distributing a huge catalog of over 500 games to a rapidly growing audience that downloads millions of games each week.

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