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IGDA "evolves" its relationship with CMP

The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) has announced that it is set to take over the running of its own day to day operations from the start of next year, after five years of working via media firm CMP.

The two will continue to work closely with CMP on the Game Developers Conference, with the IGDA maintaining a seat on the advisory board for the conference and continuing to present the Game Developers Choice Awards at the event.

However, a number of member benefits and services for IGDA members are set to change as a result of the move to direct management of the body, with the association planning to announce details of these changes in the New Year.

"We asked for CMP's help in revitalising the IGDA five years ago," explained IGDA executive director Jason Della Rocca, "and they have provided terrific support since. Now that the IGDA has built up definite momentum and has strong community support, we've updated our relationship with CMP to best meet our current needs."

As part of the transition, the IGDA is also moving its offices into new premises, with the body set to take up residence in the Flood Building in San Francisco on January 1st, and a number of new staff set to join the organisation early in the New Year.

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