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IGDA director's board candidates publish statements

Obsidian, Sledgehammer CEOs and Tencent Boston VP all up for election

The candidates for the International Game Developers Association board of directors have all released their election statements on the organisation's blog.

The candidates include Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart, Sledgehammer CEO Glen A. Schofield, Jeff Goodsill, vice president and general manager of Tencent Boston and John Vignocchi, director of development, Disney Interactive. Some of the members, such as current chair and president of Riptide Games, Brian Robbins, already sit on the board.

The organisation aims to represent the needs of the development community worldwide by offering advice on good working practices, facilitating information sharing and helping professional development.

The full list of applicants is as follows.

  • Scott Berfield, executive producer, Center for Serious Play, University of Washington
  • Dustin Clingman, CEO, ZeeGee Games
  • Corvus Elrod, semionaut & narrative designer, Zakelro Story Studio
  • Jeff Goodsill, vice president and general manager, Tencent Boston
  • Darion Lowenstein, development director, Electronic Arts
  • Michael Lubker, producer & business development manager, Paper Child Studios
  • Cordy Rierson, director, University Talent Development, Microsoft Game Studios
  • Brian Robbins, pPresident, Riptide Games
  • Glen A. Schofield, CEO, Sledgehammer Games
  • Grant Shonkwiler, game programmer & designer, AMI Entertainment Network Inc
  • Feargus Urquhart, CEO, Obsidian Entertainment
  • John Vignocchi, director of development, Disney Interactive