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iGames Launches First Computer System Lease Program Designed for the Game Center Industry

Partners to Include Intel, NVIDIA, BFG Technologies, Antec, Western Digital, Abit, and Patriot.


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, June 12 2007-iGames, the world's leading game center organization, today announced the launch of iGames System Solutions, the first lease program designed with the game center industry in mind, offering its ever-growing global membership a turn-key solution to the initial start-up or refurbish cost of purchasing new computers.

After much partner coordination, iGames Systems Leasing, iSL, is a Web-based B2B building and leasing program which allows game center owners to select from several different packages depending on their size and particular needs, from the smallest to the largest center.

Unique packages include: Gaming Den: 10 systems, Arena: 20 Systems, Stadium: 50 Systems, Coliseum: 100 Systems. Centers will also be able to choose from 3 different levels of performance like the Essential, Competitive and Professional configurations.

Partners for iGames System Solutions comprise a veritable who's-who of gaming computer hardware providers. There are CPU's from Intel, GPU's from NVIDIA, graphic cards from BFG Tech., hard drives from Western Digital, cases from Antec, motherboards from Abit, and memory from Patriot Memory.

But no matter which particular package a game center owner chooses, all systems are configured for peak game center performance. These considerations include power consumption, heat generation, and high-performance Intel CPU's and NVIDIA GPU's to handle the most demanding of today's games.

"iGames has always had top companies that offer special deals for game centers" said Jeff Leggett, Director, Business Development of iGames. "However, this program combines all our partner's efforts under one simple program. iSL not only shows iGames' support for the game center industry, it shows our partner's support as well."

For more information about iGames System Solutions, including prices and details about individual service packages and technical details, visit:

To find out more about iGames and its global network of 600 member centers, visit:

About iGames

iGames, Inc. offers a wide range of services to help independent and franchised game centers. iGames' mission is to promote and develop the growth of the game center industry. Its services unite game centers with the goal of establishing them as the driving force enabling the interactive entertainment industry to become the number one form of entertainment around the world. iGames has established strong relationships with industry leaders to provide a wide variety of products, services and programs to member game centers and gamers including software licensing, hardware discounts, exclusive game premieres, tournaments, and game nights. Today the company counts well over 600 centers and 1.2 million gamers per month, initiating and co-organizing more than 200 events a year. To learn more about iGames, go to

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