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IGA launches in-game advertising network

IGA Worldgroup has revealed plans to launch what it describes as the world's first specialist media network dedicated to maximising advertising opportunities in PC and console games.

The IGA network includes IGA Partners North America (formerly In-game Partners), IGA Partners Europe, IGA Technologies and newly-acquired Hive Partners. The company already has bases in New York, London and Berlin and now plans to establish offices in Paris, Benelux, LA and Tokyo in the coming months.

IGA Partners says it will offer planning, serving and tracking for targeted and adaptable advertising campaigns in PC, console and mobile phone games. Games which use IGA's proprietary ad-serving technology will feature localised, context-sensitive advertising content, which consumers will see both during and in between play sessions.

As the next-generation of consoles arrives and broadband-enabled gaming becomes more popular, IGA says, this content will expand to include a wider variety of media and brand-specific gameplay content.

"IGA Partners' combination of proven cross-industry expertise and experience ensures that we adhere to the highly stringent requirements and demands of not only game publishers and brands, but also the gaming consumer," said IGA Partners Europe CEO Justin Townsend.

"We ensure that we deliver relevant and high quality advertising that enhances the gaming experience while delivering impressive advertising ROI for our portfolio of leading brands and game publishers."

The group has acquired communications agency Hive Partners to handle all consulting, creative and strategic product placement and brand partnership activities with clients.

"We are now able to offer brands a more cohesive approach to getting inside the game," said IGA Partners North America CCO Darren Herman. "Hive Partners allows us to not only build out our media network but allows the in-depth static and plot-integration deals that generate buzz for advertisers."

Ex-Hive VP Ed Bartlett will take on the role of VP of European Publishing for IGA Partners. "What could be more effective for brands than being able to deliver relevant and content specific product messaging to this consumer segment in a completely engaging and high-fidelity medium?" he commented.

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