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iFone plans Rocky & Bullwinkle titles for mobile handsets

British-based wireless entertainment publisher and developer iFone has announced a deal with Bullwinkle Studios to develop a range of mobile content based on classic animated series Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends.

The contract, which covers Europe, the Americas, China, Australia and New Zealand, will see the Manchester-located company creating games, screen savers and ring tones based on animation franchises including not only Rocky & Bullwinkle, but also Bullwinkle Studios' other franchises.

"Rocky & Bullwinkle are well-known and recognised across the globe, and have a very broad demographic appeal," according to iFone CEO Morgan O'Rahilly. "The characters lend themselves brilliantly to a wide variety of mobile gaming genres from puzzle to adventure. They will also help to confirm iFone as one of the foremost mobile games publishers for the North American audience."

Unlike many of its competitors, iFone has largely steered clear of headline licenses in the past, preferring to develop simpler games which have proved an enormous success in a large number of territories. However, it recently made the news by signing DMA Design and Psygnosis' classic puzzle title Lemmings, which is due out on mobile handsets from the firm shortly.

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