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iFone invites gamers to Love a Lemming

Tamagotchi style pet lemming game announced

Wireless entertainment specialist iFone has announced the latest in its series of mobile games based on the ever-popular Lemmings franchise, which challenges gamers to nurture, develop and train their own personal lemming.

The second Lemmings game released by iFone, Love a Lemming is a virtual pet game, allowing gamers to name, tame and train their very own green haired lemming, which can then be used in future games in the series.

Interacting with the virtual pet on a daily basis, players can feed, care for and play with their lemming, developing its skills through successful completion of six mini-games designed to equip the creature with the skills required to survive in the wild. Mini-games will boost specific skills for the pet lemming, and once trained to a certain standard, the furry friend will be accepted by one of the six tribes taken from the original game: Outdoor, Sports, Classic, Space, Shadow and Cavelem.

Upon release, a unique code will be issued to the mobile phone, which, when input in the next iFone Lemmings game, will allow players to download their personal lemming and utilise its home-grown skills in a completely new gaming environment.

iFone's product development manager, Jay Sharples, said: "We wanted to give players a deeper involvement with the Lemmings themselves through an entire series of Lemmings mobile games. Love a Lemming is the first of that series. For some players it will be the start of a long attachment with their Lemming, while for others it offers a great casual game."

"By sending out the unique code to successful players, we're allowing them to reform the bond they had with their pet Lemming in later games. They will be able to look after their own pet Lemming and utilise the skills learnt - but each time within a totally new gaming environment," he added.

Leveraging a growing global distribution network that currently covers 50 countries with over 100 network operator partners, Manchester-based iFone specialises in developing and publishing mass-market mobile entertainment. The company released its first game based on Lemmings, which jumped almost immediately to the top of the ELSPA game charts, in May 2005.

Love a Lemming will be available for multiple handsets and in several languages, from major network operators in December.

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