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If Soccer Were Played With Guns It Would Be HyperXBall!

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December 8th 2005 - HyperKat Software ( is proud to announce that their sports / first person shooter hybrid is now available from the HyperKat website. Primarily a LAN or Online game, HyperXBall is soccer where the movement of the ball is controlled through using gunshots. With a huge variety of arenas and game settings, HyperXBall is the sport of the future.

While the setting to shoot other players is optional, there are penalties for causing too much injury to them. The primary goal of HyperXBall is to score in your opponent's goal. Like shooting pool, the Xball responds to where it is struck. Strike low on the ball to pop it into the air or high on it to cause it to roll forward. Aim at the edges of the ball to cause it to move left or right. The skill is in aiming and positioning yourself to always move the ball towards the opponent's goal.

It isn't just about contending with other players though. Each arena has a variety of challenges to overcome. There may be electricity arcing from the cage like a broken bumper car ride, or asteroids hurtling from space, or even pinball bumpers. Each arena has a variety of different effects that can help or hinder your progress.

The weapons themselves have various settings too, and the game host can adjust settings further; adding a "cloaked" ball, changing ball density, and allowing players to injure other players. HyperXBall is a game of skill and does not show any graphical violence.

For more information on HyperKat software and the HyperXBall line visit and download the free demo!

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Started by Howard Dortch in 2003, HyperKat Games designs and produces innovative games, designed by gamers for gaming enthusiasts. HyperKat Games is dedicated to delivering high-quality independent, approachable games and gaming technology without breaking the customer's bank! For more information visit

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