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Digital Jesters puts power in your hands with Medieval Lords demo

Building our own home is something most of us can only dream about but Digital Jesters has gone one step further and are offering the public the chance to build their very own city.

September 10th will see the nation donning their hard hats and heading down to www.medievallords.com for a full list of mirrors to download the long-awaited Medieval Lords demo.

Players will be able to control every detail including the inhabitants, food production and entire kingdom layout and there will be a multitude of useable units, buildings and infantry on hand. The single player demo will feature customisable difficulty levels, making it suitable for those gamers who are experienced in building sims and those who are just starting out.


  • Build! Construct bustling towns from the ground up - produce and distribute food and water, maintain a strong economy, acquire new technologies to improve the quality of life, and keep the population happy and healthy.
  • Defend! Build strong armies to protect towns from over 20 varieties of invading neighbouring kingdoms - a new element to city building games.
  • Expand! Conquer neighbouring lands to expand resources and military strength.
  • Exciting single player campaign: Ten-story driven scenarios, additional maps available for download.
  • Freedom of construction: Construct buildings anywhere and lay roads wherever you want: Nearly 100 buildings are available in six technological families.
  • Full 3D engine. Medieval Lords is the first city builder game to feature a full 3D engine. Manage your city with a god like view then zoom right in to watch your subjects go about their daily lives.
  • For the first time in a city builder, design without limits! Build the city exactly the way you want, without the constraints of the traditional orthogonal grid.

"We are thrilled with the Medieval Lords demo. It will give gamers a small taste of the immersive environment and will be an opportunity for them to start practicing their battle tactics before the release of the game in October," says Leo Zullo, marketing manager, Digital Jesters.

Be sure to get your planning permission in soon as Digital Jesters will release Medieval Lords: Kingdom Under Siege in October, at the generous price of £29.99.

Note to editors: Founded in Sept 2003, Digital Jesters is a new publisher with a fresh attitude. Signing only quality titles, Digital Jesters portfolio consists of Trackmania, Virtual Skipper 3, Savage, Pro Rugby Manager, Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps, and Beyond Divinity. The team has over 30 years experience, and prior to this were responsible for setting up CDV Software's UK division, generating over £2.5 million in the first 12 months, and breaking in new brands such as Cossacks, Sudden Strike, Divine Divinity and Breed.

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