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Thunderbirds Are GO! On iDTV

AWARD-WINNING GAME DEVELOPER Denki is now on board with International Rescue following its creation of Thunderbirds: Flashpoint Earth for Sky Gamestar.

Based on the blockbuster film of the world famous International Rescue operation, the action-packed game takes players around the world as they fly into disaster zones to save the day. Players control different Thunderbirds vehicles as they blast off into action to thwart the diabolical plans of the evil Hood.

Budding Thunderbirds pilots have to rescue crash survivors, safely detonate explosives and destroy enemy installations during the challenging missions. Special equipment from Brains enables the Thunderbirds to blast through the most hostile environments.

Commenting today, Denki's Managing Director, Colin Anderson said: "Denki is pleased to have had the chance to bring our creative talents to bear on such an enduring and popular brand as Thunderbirds. Once again we have brought a new type of game experience to iDTV audiences."

"Thunderbirds: Flashpoint Earth." is live exclusively on Sky Gamestar right now. Just press the INTERACTIVE button on your Sky Remote Control...


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About Denki

"Thunderbirds: Flashpoint Earth." is another pedigree release from the Denki stable.

Formed in 2000 by four industry veterans, Denki excels in making what it likes to call "digital toys and games" on limited technology platforms such as interactive Digital Television (iDTV), Mobile Phones and handheld consoles.

Denki's own brands include the award-winning sticky blocks 'puzzler' Denki Blocks!, the compulsive Caterpillar Crunch, the distracting Duopolis and the extraordinary yet entrancing Bips!

Denki has also worked its magic on trusted brands such as David Beckham, Atari's Super Breakout, Taito's Bust-A-Move, Namco's Pac-Man, Universal's HULK, Cartoon Network's Courage The Cowardly Dog and Tom and Jerry, and Looney Tunes from Warner Bros.

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