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id's Rage conquers the App Store

Bethesda-published shooter is current best-grossing iPhone and top-selling iPad game

Rage: Mutant Bash TV appears to be an immediate success for developer id Software.

The iOS game is a companion to the upcoming console/PC shooter, and has been widely hailed as being one of the most technically impressive mobile titles to date.

At the time of writing, iTunes lists the £1.19/$1.99 HD version as the App Store's current highest-grossing title, while it is the number one iPad app. On iPhone, it sits in third place, behind Angry Birds and Sleep Talk Recorder.

The 59p/99c 'standard' version sites at a mere 25th in the iPhone charts, however.

While Apple do not provide sales figures and this only reflects the games' performance on their second day of availability, they suggest a strong take-up - which may promote awareness of the main Rage game when it arrives next year.

Id's John Carmack last week provided a mass of technical data on the mobile version of id Tech 5 which powers the game, as well as great enthusiasm for the project.

Carmack referred to it as "unlike anything ever seen on the iOS platforms. It is glorious, and a lot of fun."

Id co-founder Tim Willits recently explained to that it sees iPhone titles as "additive" to its core games, but does have a team dedicated to them.

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