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Ideazon Delivers Pacific Assault to Medal of Honor Fans

Ideazon Inc. set to launch Limited Edition Keyset for Medal of Honor Pacific Assault(TM)

Antwerp, Belgium (7 December, 2004) - Ideazon Inc., designer and developer of the ZboardTM, the world's first keyboard designed for PC gamers, today announced that it will be supporting the hugely popular Medal of Honor Pacific AssaultTM with a Limited Edition Keyset for Zboard.

The Medal of Honor Pacific AssaultTM Keyset for Zboard enables players to survive the attack on Pearl Harbor and aggressively support the Allied campaign to defeat imperial Japan. Players can reload a M1 Carbine rifle, throw a grenade or thrust a knife in an instant thanks to a keypad layout that reliably delivers the ultimate in speed, action and control - something you simply can't get with a traditional keyboard.

"The Medal of Honor Pacific AssaultTM Keyset for Zboard gives players the weapon they need to survive the devastation of Pearl Harbor and the gripping action of the Pacific Theater of Operations," said Nir Shafrir, CEO of Ideazon Inc. "Medal of Honor Pacific AssaultTM is challenging the gaming industry with its cinematic visuals and attention to historic detail and Zboard is right there to make sure gamers can enjoy the action and take the battle to the enemy."

Zboard has engineered an uncompromising Keyset that was built by gamers for gamers. Zboard's custom-labeled commands make the coordination required for Medal of Honor Pacific Assault completely effortless. When the battle rages, the Medal of Honor Pacific AssaultTM Keyset for Zboard is a player's most dangerous weapon.

"Medal of Honor Pacific Assault was meticulously researched and developed to give players the most authentic experience possible. The Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Keyset from Ideazon helps players get into the action," said Miles Beeson, European Product Manager, Electronic Arts. "The Medal of Honor Pacific AssaultTM Keyset provides a natural and responsive interface for the intense action of Medal of Honor Pacific AssaultTM."

The Medal of Honor Pacific AssaultTM Limited Edition Keyset for Zboard lets gamers take advantage of many enhanced features including:

  • Weapons labeled on the keys for instantaneous access to your arsenal;
  • Ability to accept up to seven simultaneous key presses for maximum speed and unparalleled gaming control; and
  • Vivid color graphics straight from the game - this Keyset can make the difference!

The Zboard Gaming Keyboard comes equipped with the following components and features:

  • Gaming keyset for FPS and Action games;
  • 15 common shooter and action commands labeled on keys;
  • Eight distinct "command zones" for ease of use;
  • "Butterfly" directional keys for maximum comfort;
  • Instant remapping capabilities;
  • Standard keyset with Windows & Internet Explorer commands labeled on keys; and
  • USB base with two extra USB peripheral ports.

The Zboard and the Medal of Honor Pacific AssaultTM Limited Edition Keyset are available at major retail and online outlets. The suggested retail value for the Zboard and Medal of Honor Pacific AssaultTM Limited Edition Keyset is £39,99/49,99Euro and £14.99/19,99Euro respectively.

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About Ideazon, Inc.

North American-based Ideazon Inc. develops manufactures and markets the next generation of computer keyboard technologies that enable a new level of interaction between end-users and their computers. The ZboardTM enhances the gaming experience, accelerates gamers through the initial stages of a new game and ultimately improves gamer satisfaction.

Ideazon is headquartered in Vaughan, Ontario with its European offices in Antwerp, Belgium. For more information, contact the company at +32 3 444 05 82 or visit the web site at www.zboard.com.

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