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id unveils Rage, announces second dev team

John Carmack has unveiled id's new game, Rage, and said a new team within the company will create a free, browser-based version of Quake 3 Arena called Quake Zero

id Software has unveiled its next major game, Rage, at QuakeCon, and announced that it is building a second development team.

That group has begun by working on a web-browser-based version of the developer's popular Quake 3 Arena first-person shooter, Quake Zero, which will be funded by advertising.

"We're eventually going to grow this to the point where we'll have a second team of 20 to 30 people," John Carmack said during his keynote address.

The eventual ambition will be for the team to develop a fuller, id Tech 5-based version of Quake Arena.

Carmack admitted Quake Zero was experimental. "It may work, it may not," he told the audience. "[But] I think there's at least the possibility that we could see millions of people play this."

Earlier id announced that its back catalogue is now available through Valve's digital distribution system, Steam.

Other announcements at QuakeCon include Quake Arena Arcade for Xbox Live Arcade, the US release date for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (October 2nd) and the revelation that Roger Avary will direct a Wolfenstein film.

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