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Icy Tower

The Mac App Store freezes over.

“Fans have requested a Mac version for years. Unfortunately we have never been able to justify the cost of development, until now”, says Magnus Alm CEO of the game developer Muskedunder Interactive.

With the success of the App Store for iPhone, Muskedunder decided to rewrite Icy Tower for the new Mac App Store. The success was immediate and the game went straight into the global top 100 list of the best selling games, without any marketing.

“This shows both the potential of the App store and the die hard loyalty of Icy Tower fans. Sure, the sales and popularity is not comparable to Angry Birds but it’s still a relevant source of revenue for us.” says Magnus.

Muskedunder is planning for future support and have already released an update for the game, even though it has been live for less than two weeks.

Icy Tower is still climbing the charts in the Mac App Store and the revenue will be reinvested in the development of more arcade style titles, both for PC and Mac.

“Apple has proven their commitment to games and by that the value as a business partner to us. I would recommend any PC game studio to try the Mac App Store. I think it really makes sense for small developers, I know it did for us.” Magnus concludes.

The game is available on the Mac App Store here:  

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