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iClone 3.0 PRO

Character creation system for teaching student animators.


SAN JOSE, CA, August 12, 2008— Reallusion, Inc., a pioneer in advancing 3D animation and facial imaging technology, today announced the launch of iClone 3.0 PRO, the latest release of their popular and critically acclaimed animated filmmaking software, ready to prepare the next generation of game developers with real-time cinematic design tools that teach the foundational elements of game design.

iClone 3.0 PRO is a multi-faceted learning environment for aspiring gamers and instructors with a robust platform that enables comprehensive education across the videogame development curriculum.

• Students learn how to create and texture characters teaching them

valuable skills in texture editing and virtual costume design that combine the iClone 3.0 PRO dual-engine production environment with core Adobe® Photoshop® skills allowing students to have hands-on training with real-time results.

• Facial animation is a common element in the increasingly cinematic

performances leading today’s videogame market. Reallusion’s iClone 3.0 PRO 3D actors are already rigged for facial animation and allow users to bring them to life with automatic lip-synch learning facial animation and the ability to keep actors from entering the uncanny valley.

• The IK/FK actor motion creation inside iClone 3.0 PRO allows users to

learn the industry standard method of animation creation in an environment that gives focus to animation with multiple 3D actor models ready to aid in the learning process.

• Introduction to programming with the iClone 3.0 PRO XML scripting

language lets users apply their learned animation knowledge to programming to achieve competency in the basics of object relationship and motion triggering.

• From Camera direction to lighting a scene and creating mood with rich

atmosphere, students gain knowledge in real-time level building aesthetics.

• Adding the ability to import any 3D model, motion or actor from 3DS Max,

Character Studio, Maya, SketchUp or the Google 3D Warehouse; iClone introduces a total platform for game design introduction.

iClone 3.0 PRO is the entry-point for educators to teach the many concepts of building a game, before the students actually build a game. The end-result is a cinematic project that represents the vision of the game and teaches expert previsualization enabling students to compete for such careers as a Cinematic Designer or Previz Artist, each with an ever increasing demand within videogame and filmmaking industries.

“Using a major application for pre-visualization is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. The answer to this problem is software like iClone, with real-time engines based on the same graphics technology familiar to game players.”

– Alan Marques, Instructor, London Film Academy and Member, Visual Effects

Society (Credits include “GoldenEye”/Werner Herzog’s “Invincible”)

iClone 3.0 PRO sets the new standard for dynamic directing in real-time filmmaking. A dual-engine environment separates Directing and Editing into two modes allowing users to wear different hats during their production.

In Editing Mode, users set the stage with 3D actors, record or import voices for automatic lip-sync and facial animation, select and edit props, add rich scenery and atmosphere with special FX, select and edit actor motion with IK/FK, and frame their shots with multiple fixed and animated cameras. All Editing Mode elements are controlled with precision across the non-linear Timeline Tracks.

In Director Mode, control is redefined with the blend of videogame interaction and live vehicle and avatar puppeteering recording. Actors come to life with assignable personas to determine the type of puppet motion performance they will portray when the cameras roll. As the scene action plays users puppet their actors through the scene with videogame-like keyboard movement, mouse-look or with a gamepad for the ultimate Play-to-Create experience.


• Two Production Modes: Editor Mode and Director Mode. Use Editor Mode to

Create your scene and define your actors and Director Mode to command how your Actors and iProps move (just like playing a videogame) Further, use the Editor Mode to do fine-tune editing and export your footage.

• Right-Click Menu System: Each type of object has its own list of actions

and tools, just right-click to bring up the object menu and your options for editing & interactivity are there. The Right-click system keeps you from having to search everywhere around the user interface for the right tool.

• DramaScript: An action script that allows users to define custom

interactivity. DramaScript is data used to associate a hotkey and right-click menu operation to control live actor movement, movement on the terrain, how your sit on a chair, or drive a car, even ignite an explosion, etc.

• Tab Track Editing: Record what you play, and rerecord what you don't

like. You will find the yellow highlighted action segments when you tab or reverse tab the playbar. The segments in the play bar correspond to the active selected object or actor. Tab Track Editing helps you to easily jump to a motion editing point, delete old or record new motion and do it all from the main play bar.

• Multi-Actor Timeline Editing for Pro users: Forget Ctrl+F7, now you can

easily drag and drop your actor into the scene and every actor has its own set of timeline tracks for control. iClone 3 actors now have so much more to say with the new Multi-Actor dialog system, in other words now everyone can talk to each other or simultaneously.

• Content Creation Pipeline: Plug-in for 3DS Character Studio to generate

character motions. Zbrush to generate normal maps with the iClone 3 actor templates allow you to create actors with wrinkles or better body definition and muscle tone.

• Pre-Viz: Storyboarding inside iClone puts stories in motion, producing

more than stills to convey the imagination of the storyteller. The combined flexibility and efficiency with compatibility with industry standard 3D development tools allow iClone to be a killer app inside any studio.

• Import Models & Motion: iClone can import models and motion from 3D

Studio Max, Character Studio, Zbrush, Poser, DAZ Studio, Google SketchUp and 3D Warehouse, or popular model libraries like TurboSquid and Renderosity. Supporting file formats for import include: 3DS, OBJ, SKP and BVH.

To accommodate the application needs and budget requirements of a broad range of users, Reallusion offers three editions of iClone 3.0—all are Windows® XP and Vista™ compatible:

+ iClone 3.0 Experience (EX) is the free edition of iClone, which

+ includes

the full PRO features for 30 days and unlimited features of iClone Standard with no expiration. iClone 3.0 EX contains everything necessary to learn the rich features of the PRO edition, but output is watermarked with the iClone logo and limited to 320x240 size ratio.

+ iClone 3.0 Standard is your tool for creating simple, fun and

entertaining 3D animations, complete with such features as, multi-actor editing which allows you to drag and drop your actor right into a scene, simplified sequence editing, enhanced motion editing, 3D object manipulation, multi-camera manipulation, enhanced lighting, multiple production modes, and more, all complete with HD-sized video and Flash video output to multiple platforms.

+ iClone 3.0 PRO is the ultimate edition of iClone, intended for those

+ who

are serious about productivity and quality output. Its exclusive features include advanced timeline editors to fine tune all movie elements with precise timing, speed, parameter change and loop control. iClone 3 actors can converse with the multiple actor facial animation and lip-synch tracks for sophisticated dialog management. The actor motion-building system layers poses with motion clips, and provides smooth blending results for fluid actor animation. The more advanced DramaScript capability combines export animation segments with a set of directions to build custom interactive 3D content.


Download versions and box editions of iClone 3.0 will be available from the Reallusion Online Store at in August and September, respectively, with prices starting at $79.95 for the Standard edition.

Availability at leading retailers worldwide will follow. Business site licenses, with prices based on volume requirements, and educational discounts are available directly from Free trials and upgrades are also available at the Reallusion website. To sample some of the work created using iClone, visit:

About Reallusion, Inc.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Reallusion is a leader in the development of 3D cinematic animation tools for consumers, students and professionals.

Recognized as an industry pioneer, the company provides consumers with easy-to-use avatar animation, facial morphing and voice lip-sync solutions for real-time 3D filmmaking and previsualization for professional post-production. Reallusion's core technologies are widely used by consumers, gamers and filmmakers to ready their PCs with a total real-time movie studio that plugs-in to the gamer mentality with videogame-like play-to-create technology. Professional content developers equip their studios with Reallusion technology to streamline production efforts to match the lightspeed demands of animation. In addition to PC software, Reallusion is a trusted digital imaging and mobile 3D development partner to brother, Panasonic, Skype and Nokia with embedded applications in leading consumer devices worldwide. For more information, visit

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