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Icemat Design Rights Acknowledged By Plantronics

Copenhagen, Denmark -- December 9, 2005 -- Icemat, a world renowned manufacturer of gaming accessories owned and operated by Soft Trading, today released a press release regarding the similarities between the Icemat Siberia Multi Headset and Plantronics .Audio 110.

In the end of September various news and eSport community sites began showing pictures of .Audio 110, a product that showed remarkable similarities with the visual design of Icemat Siberia Multi Headset. As stated in a press release issued in late September, Icemat owns the exclusive visual rights to the Icemat Siberia design and thus promptly contacted Plantronics about the similarities between the products.

Following open and friendly dialogue between the two companies, Plantronics will stop all manufacturing and distribution of the .Audio 110 as well as recall all existing headsets for destruction.

"We spent a lot of time, energy and money on branding Icemat Siberia and implemented key design elements into our new Icemat Siberia In:Ear products." said Kim Rom, Head of Communications at Icemat. "We are happy that Plantronics acknowledge our worldwide rights, as well as the hard work we put into this headset. Now consumers won't be confused about the similarities between products from two competing companies."

It was possible for Plantronics to withdraw almost all products from the market, except for fewer than 1,000 units in total. Because of the low sales figure Icemat believe the damage to be smaller than first anticipated.

A brief timeline:

  • September 27th, news sites report similarities between two products
  • September 28th, Icemat release press release regarding similarities
  • September 29th, Icemat contact Plantronics
  • December 8th, Plantronics confirm the recall and destruction of .Audio 110

For further information please contact:

Kim Rom

Head of Communications

Skype: kim_rom



Image: Plantronics .Audio 110 -

Image: Icemat Siberia Multi Headset (black) -

Original press release from Icemat -

About Icemat

The original Icemat was launched in 2000, targeted at one of the most demanding consumer groups in the world: gamers. Since then Icemat has expanded the portfolio and today offers a wide range of products. Everything is created by people who demand as much from the visual design as they do from the performance of the final product. The 2nd Edition Icemat mouse pads are (just as the original) made of glass and offers unprecedented precision and style in no less than 8 different colours. The Icemat Siberia headsets come in different flavours and sizes with both full-size and in-ear models available. For further information please visit

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