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iCannon Hellfire

iCannon announced for iPhone.

iCannon Hellfire is a 360 degree shooter. The objective of iCannon is simple: protect your position from an onslaught of enemy forces that advance on you from all directions. The 360 degree, adrenaline rushing game makes you stick to the screen as wave after waves of enemy forces attack your position. Use the iPhone accelerometer to zone in on the attackers before you smite them.

In order to face your enemies, you will need to customize and improve your turret. As you advance through the game you will get new gear to upgrade your gun and improve your firepower. Also, you can purchase upgrades directly from the shop and

-            Improve and strengthen your armour plating,

-            Improve your fire power

-            Improve your radar to detect enemies

-            Gain the ultimate powers such as the energy wave, N bomb or invincibility.

In the early levels you will master the orientation of your turret and the operation of the viewfinder simultaneously. Once a pro, take iCANNON on a wild ride of destruction.



 An extensive campaign with 20 mission scenarios

 Special Powers (Nukes, energy wave...)

 Customize your turret, weapons and radar

 Accelerometer compatible

 Openfeint worldwide ranking

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