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I-play launches 20 Questions mobile game

Mind reading mobile game now available in North America

Leading mobile game and content provider I-play has announced the launch of 20Q for mobile phones, in conjunction with handheld game manufacturer Radica and IP owner 20Q.net.

Previously nominated for the 2004 Mobile Game of the Year, I-play's latest release replicates the artificial intelligence found on 20Q.net, challenging players to think of an animal, mineral or vegetable and narrowing the possibilities through successive questions, until a guess is made.

Robin Burgener, CEO of 20Q commented: "I developed the 20Q artificial intelligence in 1988 and, I can't say that at the beginning I envisaged the day a mobile version of the game would launch. Of course, I'm delighted that it is, and hope that now, even more people will get to enjoy the 20Q experience, whenever and wherever they are."

According to I-play, 20Q's appeal comes not only from the challenge of trying to outsmart the AI, but also in the humorous quips and cocky attitude if the object is likely to be successfully guessed within the 20 questions limit.

The game has already achieved phenomenal commercial success as a hand-held toy from Radica, completely selling out on Amazon during the 2004 holiday period and becoming one of the fastest selling toys this year. 20Q.net continues to receive heavy traffic, boasting 75 million impressions per month and celebrating the game being played for the 25th millionth time in August, 2005.

Pat Feely, CEO of Radica Games, said: "We're excited about this launch of 20Q and we're expecting the mobile version to be as successful as the online and handheld versions of the game. We feel that I-play has really captured the essence of the game and the brand in the mobile version."

I-play's senior VP of publishing and marketing, Paul Maglione, added: "20Q is another fantastic mobile gaming title true to the I-play philosophy of providing simple, pick-up-and-play fun to mobile phones. The 'must have' toy for last year's holiday season is soon to be the 'must have' mobile game for this holiday season."

20Q Mobile is the first third-party licensed product for the 20Q brand, which was organised and managed by full-service licensing agency, Brandgenuity.

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