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I-Play joins Red Herring's top 100 list for Europe

Britain-based mobile games company I-Play - which earlier this month changed its name from Digital Bridges - has been named in Red Herring's top 100 list of the European private companies that are leading in terms of innovation and technology.

Red Herring is a California based publication that focuses on innovation and entrepreneurial activity, especially in the field of technology, and its lists of private companies have previously spotted start-ups such as Google and eBay.

"It is an honour to be chosen as a Red Herring 100 company, and to be recognised as the true innovator amongst our peers," enthused I-Play CEO Brian Greasley. "We intend to continue to lead innovation and growth in the mobile games market and drive the next stage in the industry's development — taking mobile games truly mass market."

The company was known as Digital Bridges until the start of this month, when it switched its branding to I-Play - completely overhauling its corporate image in the process, in an effort to appeal more directly to the consumer market.

As for the list as a whole, apparently it "shows that despite obstacles posed by regulations, bureaucracy and tradition, innovation and entrepreneurship continues to thrive in Europe," according to Red Herring editor in chief Joel Dreyfuss, who we're sure wasn't being quite as condescending as he sounds.

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