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I-Play, First Star announce global partnership

Boulder Dash 2 to be co-published worldwide

I-Play and First Star Software have announced an exclusive co-publishing agreement which will see classic 80's game Boulder Dash recreated and enhanced for mobile phone users..

The renowned Boulder Dash franchise, featuring Rockford as the game's central character and challenging players to collect a series of gems while avoiding falling rocks and fearless enemies, was originally released for home computers in 1984.

The game has since been converted to a range of console, PC, coin-op arcade and handheld systems, enjoying phenomenal success with its first mobile edition in 2003. The latest mobile game, Boulder Dash Mobile Edition 2, includes a complete graphical overhaul and additional skills and abilities for Rockford, including smashing rocks with hammers, kicking objects and using bombs.

Featuring over ninety unique caves to explore, three difficulty settings and a selection of additional puzzle challenges, Boulder Dash M.E. 2 will be available in six continents, for a wide range of handsets, from spring 2006.

Paul Maglione, I-play's senior VP of publishing and marketing commented: "Boulder Dash M.E. 2 is a welcome addition to our 2006 portfolio, and we are delighted to be able to bring this updated version to the market in association with First Star Software. Arcade classics have proven themselves beyond a doubt in the mobile gaming space, and Boulder Dash has the added advantage of having already done very well on mobiles."

"I-Play was one of our first distributors when we initially released Boulder Dash-M.E. Now, several hundreds of thousands of units later, we're looking forward to partnering with them exclusively as we prepare to launch Boulder Dash M.E. 2 throughout the world," added Richard M. Spitalny, president of First Star Software.

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