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I-play enhances 3D portfolio with 3D expert Polarbit

San Mateo, CA & UK, London - April 18, 2007: I-play, the mobile entertainment company, today announced a multi-title distribution deal with Polarbit, the experts in mobile 3D game development. Covering BREW, Symbian and Windows mobile, the games will appear across I-play's global distribution network in the second half of 2007.

Polarbit's games truly showcase the stellar performance achievable on today's mobile platforms, while also embracing I-play's gaming philosophy that 'casual' is a mind-set, not a genre. These titles deliver an experience more powerful and visually stunning than most games available on the market; but they also adhere to I-play's mobile gaming ideals, providing the ultimate dip-in/dip-out, intuitive, and accessible gameplay experience, offering instant gratification as well as ongoing challenge and replay value.

3D Wave Blazer is a power-boat racer, featuring gut-wrenching gameplay and spectacular visual effects unlike anything previously seen on a mobile device. Boats throw up a cascade of sparkling water as they slice through rippling waves reflecting majestic buildings and scenic surroundings, including lush, green grasslands and inviting, ivory beaches as well as freezing wastes and murky grottos.

3D Armageddon Squadron is an arcade flight-sim that gives players the chance to try their wings in a variety of missions above richly detailed environments. Mission objectives include wild dogfights, bombing and strafing raids against facilities and convoys as well as protection of allied installations against enemy attackers.

3D Nitro GT, part of the award winning Raging Thunder game series, is an arcade racer that gives players control over some of the most extreme muscle cars in the world, on a variety of tracks set in different beautifully realized environments. The crisp graphics, responsive controls and polished details of 3D Nitro GT are sure to impress both casual gamers and the hard-core alike.

The line up also includes Doomination, a turn-based, action-oriented strategy game and Little Soldiers, a brain-teasing mix of puzzle game and platformer, featuring elements of action, tactics and strategy.

Leighton Webb, Senior Vice President of Content Strategy and Licensing for I-play, commented: "Polarbit are the masters of high-end mobile game development and we are very excited to bring their stunning games to market. These games showcase the advanced performance achievable on today's mobile platforms while embracing I-play's mantra that regardless of the power of the technology behind a game, the gameplay itself is always king."

Mitri Bautista-Wiberg, co-founder of Polarbit says: "We are extremely happy to be working with I-play in bringing our titles to market. It is important for us to be partnering with people who are as passionate and dedicated as ourselves about gaming on mobile platforms, while able to bring the marketing weight and industry connections of a first-rate publisher."

About I-play

I-play brings the best in mobile entertainment to an audience of over one billion people via a network of over 120 carriers worldwide, including Sprint (NYSE:S), Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ), Cingular, Vodafone (LSE: VOD.L) and Telefonica Moviles (NYSE: TEM), amongst others and online portals including I-play has been creating mobile games since 1998 and continues to spearhead the creation of mobile entertainment for the next generation. As one of the world's longest established and respected creators of mobile entertainment, the I-play brand stands for quality and the best in mobile development. A move into mobile video content via a license agreement with Universal Mobile Entertainment sees I-play offering the best clips from Universal Studios' most popular blockbuster movies.

I-play's investors are Apax Partners and Argo Global Capital. I-play is headquartered in London, with North American Regional HQ in San Mateo, California and European Regional HQ in Dunfermline, Scotland; development studios in Macclesfield, UK and Bucharest, Romania as well as sales offices in Paris, Hamburg, Madrid, New York and Singapore.

For more information, please call +44 (0) 20 7031 8160 or visit us at I-play is a trademark and trading name of Digital Bridges Limited.

About Fuse

Fuse is Polarbits' proprietary middleware solution for handheld game development; a highly optimized framework comprised of SDK, toolset and game engines supporting all major mobile platforms including Brew, Symbian, Wipi, Windows Mobile and PalmOS.

About Polarbit AB

Polarbit AB, founded in 2005, is a game and middleware developer focusing on high-end mobile and handheld devices. Their experience, dedication and uncompromising attitude towards quality ensure customers and users that Polarbit technology is always synonymous with world-class entertainment technology. Read more at or contact Polarbit at +46 8 668 0101.

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