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I Love Strawberries

"Lite" taster version now available.

iTunes Live Date: 12/16/10

Platform: iOS devises


Genre: Casual Platformer

Description: I Love Strawberries is a casual platformer for the iPhone. Your goal in the guide box boy to the giant Strawberry at the end of the level. You do this by jumping between platforms and avoiding dangerous obstacles. Get gold medals on each level and beat your friend’s best scores!

Features: 5 worlds totaling 45 levels. Post your score to Facebook.

What do you do? The player has to guide box boy to the giant strawberry at the end of the level by helping him jump between platforms. On the way he can gather smaller strawberries for extra points and has to avoid a lot of different traps and dangers. When a level is complete the player earns a medal that matches his performance on the level. If he is pleased with the medal he can choose to submit it to Facebook.

Scoring: The player will be awarded points for eating small strawberries. Small strawberries are eaten by simply touching them. The amount of points the player gets per eaten strawberry is 5 times the multiplier. The multiplier is increased by one after each eaten strawberry and is set to zero when the Box lands. This makes planning each jump very lucrative. On top of this every level has a jump par. Every jump that is less than par on a level nets the player an extra 20 points.

There are three types of medals, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The points needed to earn each medal are different on each level.  

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