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"World’s first point-of-view" social football game to enter beta later this month.

1 December 2010

I AM PLAYR, the world’s first point-of-view (POV) social interactive game is due to launch in beta stage later this month, giving footie fans and gamers alike the chance to play a unique interactive story-telling game based in the world of football.

As a professional player based at River Park FC, you’ll not only become fully-immersed in the beautiful game on the pitch, but also be responsible for every training and lifestyle decision your character makes off the pitch.

Developed by We R Interactive, I AM PLAYR is set to be the next generation of social gaming, occupying the space where the game and film industries meet. There are a number of high-profile stars with cameo roles in the game, with former Manchester United and England legend Terry Sherringham one of the first to sign up.

I AM PLAYR is free-to-play, but your performance level can be enhanced by investing in a range of branded products. This ‘freemium model’ will have the majority of users playing free, with a small number paying to improve their career prospects.

Global sports brand Nike have signed as principal sponsor of I AM PLAYR, and the brand will be fully integrated into the storyline and game experience. Discussing Nike’s part in Playr, Simon Owen, of Brand Connections Nike (UK) explained: “I AM PLAYR represents not only the future of gaming, but of brand communication and authentic brand involvement. It’s something we’re excited to be a part of from the start.”

Check out the trailer here or visit the I AM PLAYR Facebook page for more info


We have three exclusive events that you could be involved in. These events will offer you an opportunity to play and test the game in beta stage, plus meet some talent for publicity opportunities.

To find out more information or for more assets please contact:

Ashley Clouder – 020 72094 580

Chris Bridgland -

For more I AM PLAYR information visit



You Tube trailer

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