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Hysteria Project

Price halved to $0.99.

Paris – 07/29/2009 - Bulkypix announce a 50% promotional price drop on Hysteria Project iPhone iPod Touch.  If you haven’t already bought Hysteria Project, don’t hesitate, it’s the right time for 0.99$ ONLY!

Available now at the Appstore at this address:

Hysteria Project is the first ever live action interactive game series, which features quick-time events interspersed with user-made decisions that branch the intense, atmospheric horror/survival storyline.

“Hysteria Project is a groundbreaking gaming experience, where you are the hero of an entirely live-action, filmed adventure,” says CEO at Bulkypix, Vincent Dondaine. “The video clips are designed to really bring the player into the game, to encourage them to keep a sharp eye on what's going on around them and, most importantly of all, to make the right choices at the right time.”

In this inaugural episode, designed to introduce the concept of a live-action interactive series, players awake in an old cabin, bound and confused. A mysterious axe wielding figure stalks you through the ominous woodland, and it’s up to you to make the right decisions, quickly, to stay alive.

Much like The Blair Witch Project in its cinematic style, Hysteria Project conveys the tense drama and terrifying action through subtle suggestion and a deeply atmospheric audio accompaniment; where the edgy storyline is shown, rather than told. Viewed from the main character’s perspective, you must try to survive as you follow ingenious clues as to the meaning of the strange Hysteria Project symbol that somehow ties your character to their desperate fate.

“In Hysteria Project you really feel like you’re in the movie. We spent lot of time designing and tuning the sound direction to increase the player’s immersive experience,” continues Dondaine. “This episode is essentially a pilot to introduce the context and the concept - it's the beginning of a long story where each episode will bring new and innovative gameplay and features. We’re going to listen to our players, and add what they want to play in next episodes.”

A completely unique and powerful experience, Hysteria Project uses the multimedia and interactive strengths of the iPhone platform like no other game. The pilot episode of Hysteria Project contains 30 – 40 minutes of gameplay for the low price of $0.99.

About Bulkypix:

Founded in 2008 by former employees of Vivendi Games Mobile, Bulkypix is a team of 10 experienced developers who have created more than 70 games for a range of platforms.

Hysteria Project, which has been available from Appstore since April 2009, is the first example of the innovative games created by Bulkypix.

Bulkypix also develops and publishes cultural, professional and advertising applications.

Please contact us to discuss your projects.

Bulkypix website:

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