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Hybrid - The Sci-Fi based First Person Shooter

Polished screen shots with an imminent release? No... far from it! Vulcan Software are talking rough textures, unfinished models, sparse worlds, no apparent game play or A.I. and a whole heap of physics and collision technology that needs thoroughly testing on loads of graphics cards and computer configurations

For all you hardcore 3D Shooters 'out there' who like to get 'down and dirty' with rough technology and are keen to get your hands on (almost daily) beta versions of Mother3D technology then pop along to Vulcan's Hybrid website


Once armed with their digital distribution tool (The Vulcan Portal) you can download the technology testing demo and start sending those huge bug reports and feedback emails to the chap who's creating Hybrid

company: Vulcan Software Limited (UK)

contact: Paul Carrington

email: paul@vulcan.co.uk

tel: +44 (0)23 92670269

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