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Hurdle Jumping at Breathtaking Height! What Is This? This Is JetJumper!

Warlock Studio announces the release of a new absorbing game. The newcomer is not only fun to play, but is also good reaction training. Even demanding players will not be disappointed!

For immediate release July 06, 2006 From the creators of "Gunner 2", a highly praised realistic airplane shooter, comes a new breathtaker - JetJumper. This game gives you great opportunities to enjoy terrific speed and blood-chilling maneuvers at a time. The plot of the game implies that you become a pilot of an outlandish jumping machine, which is equipped with a powerful jet engine. As soon as the jet engine sets the jumping machine into motion, you will have to jump from one platform to another. Easy? Do not jump to hasty conclusions! A lot of dangers along the way are awaiting: laser fences, moving hurdles, narrow gates, bombs, etc. To cut a long story short, you are going to face a lot of troubles. On the other hand, it is not so hopeless. JetJumper helps you to collect a variety of useful items, which you are sure to come across: gems, magnets, green keys and the like. All these items help you to score, to eliminate some obstacles on your way and to get new lives. For example, Mega Jump is a bonus, which throws up your jumping machine as soon as you touch it. This magic jumping skill helps you to fly over very hazardous objects, such as lava platforms. It takes only an instance for you JetJumper to melt, as soon as you land on such a platform. Another bonus, Magnets help you to collect more gems: once you have grabbed a magnet all gems on you way start sticking to you like flies to an adhesive pad. The bonus system does not simplify the game dramatically, but only contributes to the fascination JetJumper holds. All the action is taking place against a background of rocky mountains, which seem to be quite picturesque. The platforms that you jump from one to another give you a bird's eye view of the surrounding slopes and mountain peaks. Once you have jumped aside and have fallen from a platform, the game leaves no chances for your JetJumper to survive. During a takeoff, your JetJumper's jet engine exerts a force of thousands of newtons, so only a professional pilot can handle this aircraft. Warlock Studio invites you to have a try! "Here at Warlock Studio we believe that adrenaline-pumped arcade action games can be not only fun to play and addictive, but also simple to play, says Peter Sokolov, CEO of Warlock Studio. Simplicity in play is of main importance. It makes games accessible to a wider audience of players because such games do not require special skills or knowledge, and accordingly time expenses for obtaining this knowledge and skills. JetJumper is that kind of a game." Pricing and Availability JetJumper runs under Windows 9x, Me, 2000, XP (DirectX 8.0 or higher required). The game costs $19.95 (USD). Registered customers are entitled to the unlimited gameplay and a multitude of unlocked levels. A trial version of the game, that offers 60 minutes of game play, is available as a free download at About Warlock Studio Founded in 2001, Warlock Studio is a small, independent company which is focused on the development of quality and fun games. The main goal of the company is making the best games at affordable prices. There are a number of products the company has launched, which have received high praise from various members of the world's game development community. For more information about the company or games, please visit # # # AN EVALUATION COPY IS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST Product page link: Download link: E-mail: Web: Contact: Peter Sokolov Company: Warlock Studio Title: Chief Executive Officer E-mail:

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