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Hudson Entertainment To Release New Gamerpics for Bomberman Live Xbox Live Arcade This Week

Second Batch of Gamerpics for the Popular game available October 24

October 22, 2007--Today Hudson Entertainment announced that it is releasing a second batch of gamerpics (pictured below) for Bomberman Live on Xbox Live Arcade. The gamerpics will be available starting this Wednesday, October 24th and include:

A bomb, Mr. Destructoid, Bomb of Doom (the executioner), Debbie Downer (the goth girl), and Bomb the Fool (the jester).

Bomberman Live delivers frantic 8-player online play. Fans can also play with their friends in 4-player local action on one system. In addition, Bomberman Live features new character customizations, which allow players to personalize their Bomberman from over 10,000 possible combinations. Bomberman Live offers gamers the chance to finally prove that they're the best Bomberman player in the world.

To download the image of the gamerpics vist:

For more information on Bomberman Live visit

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