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Hudson Entertainment Reveals a New Character in Omega Five for XBLA

The Tempest---A Four-Armed, hulking alien---Wields Volcanic Fire, Corrosive Acid and Molten Metal

The Tempest is a hulking, four-armed alien, with no problem plowing through hordes of enemies in Omega Five, thanks to his thick skin.

· Weapon Type A: Volcanic Fire - The Tempest's initial weapon is a scorching stream of fire. The weapon's alternate attack allows The Tempest to attack enemies around corners, as it locks onto a target while the fire curves to roast enemies.

· Weapon Type B: Corrosive Acid - The Tempest's second weapon is a highly corrosive blast of acid. Like the fire, the main attack comes out in a stream of liquid death, but the acid's alternate attack shoots the acid in a wide angle, allowing The Tempest to destroy enemies in a wide area with limited range.

· Weapon Type C: Molten Metal - The third main weapon for The Tempest is a blast of molten metal. While the other two weapons are streams, the metal comes out in boiling bursts. For this weapon's alternate attack, The Tempest shoots four bursts at once, which home in nearby enemies.

· Reflector Barrier - When an enemy shot gets close to The Tempest, it slows down, and The Tempest is able to reflect it back at enemies (by flicking the right analog stick), using their own fire against them!

· Temporal Dodge - All characters can quickly teleport to another dimension for a brief time, allowing them to avoid enemy attacks, though at the expense of a small amount of life.

Ultimate Burst - All characters can unleash an enormously destructive nuke-like attack, after having collected at least 100 p-chips (the pink triangles that appear after defeating enemies) to fill one p-jail (the golden triangles at the bottom left of the screen).

Title: Omega Five

Publisher: Hudson Entertainment

Developer: Natsume

Format: Digital download for Xbox LIVE® Arcade

ESRB Rating: E10+ (Fantasy Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes)

Availability: November 2007

Release Territories: Worldwide

About Omega Five: Omega Five is an all-new, original IP for Xbox LIVE® Arcade, with production values that rival those of a retail product. It is the continuation Hudson's three-part commitment to bringing premier content to download services for consoles: classic IP, original IP, and licensed IP.

The gameplay follows the tradition of past side-scrolling shooters: as the screen scrolls from right to left, you move your character in two dimensions, either shooting or dodging enemies and their attacks. As you proceed, you can collect both weapon upgrades for your normal attacks and "chips" to power-up your special attacks.


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