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Hudson Entertainment Brings Military Madness To Verizon Phones!

Award-Winning Game Makes its Way to Verizon Cell Phones for the First Time


SAN MATEO, CA, May 30, 2006 - Hudson Entertainment, the North American publishing arm for Hudson Soft, today announced that their award winning game, "Military Madness," is now live on Verizon cell phones. "Military Madness," a sci-fi strategy game set on the lunar surface, is already available on Java platforms in the North American market, and was selected by the gaming press as one of the best strategy games on mobile.

"'Military Madness' is one of those games that has transcended generations. The original game launched almost 17 years ago, instantly becoming a cult classic among strategy enthusiasts," said John Lee, Director of Marketing, Hudson Entertainment. "Fans will be stoked to hear that the game is now on their cell phones, and is quite remarkably faithful to the original design, with its compelling gameplay and catchy music."

About The "Military Madness" Franchise
Heralded as one of the best games of the 16-bit generation, "Military Madness" (also known as "Nectaris" in Japan), was originally released in the US on the Turbo Grafx-16 in 1989. The game featured turned-based strategy gameplay set in the future. The storyline: space on Earth has become limited, and mankind has looked to colonize the moon. A group known as the Axis Powers has seized control over most of the lunar surface, and it's up to you as a member of the Allied Powers to fight against them. As you move around the map (shown in a top-down 2D perspective), enemy combatants will try and stop you from achieving your goal. Once encountered, the screen shifts view points to a close-up view of the skirmish at hand.

"Military Madness" also features:

  • Up to 32 levels (on higher end handsets)
  • Close-up view of the battles as players take on the enemies
  • Multiple elements affect the tide of war including terrain, firepower, and firing range.
  • The original music complete with sci-fi overtones
  • Numerous units to control from powerful tanks, long range artillery, transport units, to assault planes

About Hudson Entertainment, Inc.

Hudson Entertainment is the North American publishing arm of Hudson Soft, an international provider of games and entertainment content founded in 1973. Hudson introduced best-selling classic videogame franchises including Bomberman, Bonk, and Super Adventure Island. Since 2000, Hudson's mobile division has been a leading supplier of games and personalized content. Through their partnership with The Source, Hudson is a leading provider of hip-hop ringtones and mobile content.

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