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Sensei—Master of the Katana—Needs No Guns to Defeat foes!

Sensei is the wisest member of Omega Five's group of heroes, and as an unlockable character, one of the more difficult to find.

A master of the katana, Sensei needs no guns. He brings with him another of the galaxy's best warriors, his dog "Rikimaru", to

Help him defeat foes.

Primary Attack - Sensei's most trusted weapon is his katana. His main attack is always with this sword and any weapon upgrades he picks up not only increase his sword's range, but also change his alternate attacks. Sensei's weapon mastery allows him to use his sword to destroy some enemy fire and even perform a spin attack that damages surrounding enemies.

Alternate Attack - Rikimaru plays a key role in his alternate attacks, as the dog leaps from Sensei's feet to place targets on enemies. Once targeted, Sensei locks onto enemies and throws deadly projectiles at them.

Weapon Type A: Bomb -Sensei hurls bombs that explode into blazing fireballs.

Weapon Type B: Throwing Knives - Sensei peppers enemies with throwing knives.

Weapon Type C: Shuriken - Sensei unleashes a barrage of shuriken at enemies.

Dimensional Field - Like the other characters, Sensei can quickly teleport to another dimension for a brief time, allowing him to avoid enemy attacks, though at the expense of a small amount of life. However, when Sensei uses the field, he also inflicts damage on enemies caught in the dimensional shockwave.

Ultimate Burst - All characters can unleash an enormously destructive nuke-like attack, after having collected at least 100 p-chips (the pink triangles that appear after defeating enemies) to fill one p-jail (the golden triangles at the bottom left of the screen).

Title: "Omega Five"

Publisher: Hudson Entertainment

Developer: Natsume

Format: Digital download for Xbox LIVE® Arcade

ESRB Rating: E10+ (Fantasy Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes)

Pricing: TBD

Availability: November 2007

Release Territories: Worldwide

About Omega Five

Omega Five is an all-new, original IP for Xbox LIVE® Arcade, with production values

that rival those of a retail product. It is the continuation Hudson's three-part commitment

to bringing premier content to download services for consoles: classic IP, original IP, and

licensed IP. The gameplay follows the tradition of past side-scrolling shooters: as the

screen scrolls from right to left, you move your character in two dimensions, either

shooting or dodging enemies and their attacks. As you proceed, you can collect both

weapon upgrades for your normal attacks and "chips" to power-up your special attacks.

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