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How High Can You Get In Mile High Pinball On The N-Gage Platform?

San Francisco, CA, March 8, 2005 -- Nokia today announced a new, N-Gage platform exclusive, wholly unique take on the pinball genre, Mile High Pinball. The game challenges gamers to gather points, collectibles and power-ups as they face mini-bosses and ascend the 80+ board tall pinball tower - all with a single ball. Beautiful graphics and a blanket of multiplayer features ensure the trip to the top will be worth every second.

Players can go head-to-head with two full versions of the game or pass a single-player mini application of the game virally to friends via Bluetooth connectivity. N-Gage Arena features include Beat-My-Map Challenge, where players create their own pinball map by using a mini pinball construction tool and upload it to the N-Gage Arena for others to beat. Gamers can also upload rankings, trade balls and a slew of strategic power-ups, and even create their own tournaments - a new feature of the N-Gage Arena online gaming platform.

"Mile High Pinball takes pinball to new heights", said Pasi Pölönen, Director, Games Publishing, Nokia. "With gaming sessions ranging from few minutes to a half an hour, Mile High Pinball is perfect for anyone looking for fun, high-quality gaming on the move. We believe this game will appeal to a very large audience."

"Developing for the N-Gage platform has been a great experience", said Satoshi Okano of the Palo Alto game developer/web publisher "The multiplayer features provided by the N-Gage platform extend the game into exciting dimensions, although Mile High Pinball will be a lot of fun even off-line!"

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