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Hothouse signed by Konami for further development

UK development studio Hothouse Creations has signed its second development deal with publisher Konami, and is working on an as-yet unnamed title for the PS2, PC and Xbox.

The move follows a previous partnership between Hothouse and Konami on the development of Casino, Inc., which was recently completed. The new project is scheduled for launch in Summer 2005.

The project lead will be Pete O'Brien, who has just been recruited by Hothouse from Sega where he worked as a producer. The company has also reshuffled some of its management, with Andrew Luckett being promoted from executive producer to a new role as head of studio, and Rob Davies moving from his previous position in charge of development to the marketing director's seat.

Bristol-based Hothouse is the company behind the Gangsters franchise, as well as the videogames based on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, Pop Idol and American Idol. The company also has some other concepts in the pipeline which it says it is currently seeking to discuss with publishers.

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