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Hostile Sector

Free soldier customisation application launched.

The full game will have a multitude of items for players to choose from; both items that give bonuses to the soldier's stats, as well as vanity items to make your troops stand out from other foot sloggers. Give your favorite soldiers a unique look, and let other players know who they're up against. Will your platoon consist of cool, arctic warriors, or hardened jungle fighters?

You decide!

The application and more information can be found at:

About Hostile Sector

Hostile Sector is a turn based online strategy and tactics game where players fight in persistent environments against other players. Inspiration comes from classic isometric tactical games, taking the genre to the next generation with strategic elements based on territory control, and multiplayer support, while retaining rpg elements and character customization.

Hostile Sector is being developed by indie studio Mindemia, and is due for a 2011 release.

For questions regarding the game or company, contact rickard[at]mindemia[dot]com  

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