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Hori joysticks

Joy! Hori sticks back in stock in the UK.

Hori are undoubtedly one of the biggest names worldwide when it comes to making high quality arcade sticks, known for their high quality and performance joysticks and products. With the release of Marvel vs Capcom 3, these have been extremely popular and the Hori brand itself has been increasingly difficult to get hold of in the UK.

GamingZap has now secured another shipment of Hori's top of the range joysticks, the Real Arcade Pro VX-SA Xbox Joystick and the V3-SA PS3 Joystick. These joysticks are amongst the best joysticks in the world, featuring Sanwa arcade components and a Taito-Vewlix layout. A firm favourite amongst collectors and professional gamers alike, these joysticks have not officially been released yet in the UK.

Other great Hori sticks include the Real Arcade Pro EX Xbox Joystick, one of the best selling Hori joysticks of all time, as well as the Wireless Fighting Stick 3 for the Playstation 3 - currently the best wireless PS3 joystick on the market. For other great gaming accessories, check out!

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